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Dr Alison Bedlow is one of the co-founders of DermacademyUK.

DermacademyUK provides bespoke, real-world dermatology training for pharmaceutical, medical and allied healthcare professionals.

Established in 2013, this innovative company was formed by  Dr Alison Bedlow and fellow Consultant Dermatologist Dr Bruce Gee, to provide modular training programmes and consultancy on all aspects of dermatology.

Each training course is specifically tailored to suit the audience, which ranges from representatives of international pharmaceutical companies to individuals working across the UK healthcare profession.

DermacademyUK provides specialist knowledge and insight to empower pharmaceutical representatives when promoting dermatology products to dermatologists, general practitioners, specialist nurses and pharmacists. Clinical training packaged in this format has already been shown to enhance unit sales.

DermacademyUK organises accredited educational meetings to targeted audiences enhancing clinical skills, and achieving measured outcomes.

With over 35 combined years of practicing dermatology and medical teaching, Dr Bedlow and Dr Gee are able to share their experience using well received teaching styles. They both have experience of working on advisory boards for pharmaceutical companies, and are key opinion leaders.

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